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PerformanceListen to MP3s of :

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C Major, K. 503 (35 MB)
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
performed by The Ural Philharmonic
Maestro Dmitri Liss, conducting

Venezia e Napoli (8 MB)

by Franz Liszt

Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra in D minor (10 MB)
Second movement (6 MB)
Third movement
(7 MB)
by Francis Poulenc
Performed by Elena Klionsky and Virginia Shiao, pianos
with Russian Federal Orchestra
Serguey S. Gossachinsky, conductor

Five Monotypes for Piano (15 MB)
by Martin Matalon

Etude No. 8 in F major (2 MB)
by Moritz Moszkowski